Tuesday, 1 April 2008



Hi people

On Sunday 30th March 2008 I was arrested under caution on the charge of ‘Assault occasioning actual bodily harm'. I chose to remain silent about that alleged charge, and so thankfully find myself a free man on bail.

There are a number of questions and observations that this arrest has brought to mind and I would like to share them here. I have asked for a public inquiry into my claims of criminal negligence by the Welsh Assembly Government towards my health n welfare, with a great many questions to be asked and answered.

One such would be. This allegation against me arose on Easter Sunday 23rd of March 2008 and I was duly arrested on the Sunday following 30th March 2008. Constant readers and viewers of my videos on youtube will see the following two videos on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSDbfE_cLMw and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq_dR_tPfr0

The first is of me outside Cardiff Central Police Station and the other of me handing in the three header pages of blogs regarding Judge Hickinbottom, Rodney Berman (Chairman of Cardiff county Council) and Jonathan Morgan (my not so erstwhile Assembly Member) with the allegation that they are vulnerable adult abusers. The videos were uploaded to youtube on the 3rd March 2008 sent to the Usual Suspects and yet I have heard nothing regarding any one of them being arrested under caution in the news media, for the Allegation I have made concerning them? Even though the news media are part of the Usual Suspects list, and have received copies of those blogs and the video URL’s.

It would seem that there is one Law for Crazydave and another Law for the not so Great and the not so Good. I don’t see them being driven from Cardiff to Bridgend because all the cells in Cardiff are full. Maybe in future Chief Constable before your sergeants set constables loose to arrest someone they first check to see if they have any space to hold them in. (peterol peterol not cheap these days missus).

I wonder if the judge or Berman or Morgan would be made to strip and put on some weird outfit for the delectation of the custodial officers, or put in a cell that stank from the overused and never cleaned urinal in the cell. Maybe I should have asked for a bucket of clean water and some disinfectant to rinse it out. But then I was in shock and nicotine withdrawal, and it appeared that this was a method used by the Police to de-humanising alleged criminals. Well I have unfortunately gotten to used to that in my day to day life. What I wondered is whether the cell is crawling with those nasty bugs you get in hospitals from leaving urinals in the condition I encountered that one.

Why don’t you interview the ‘Fitness for Detention’ lady whose presence to interview me really baffled me, about the stench after all she sat on concrete surround next to it. I had to repeatedly ask her if she could help get me a solicitor. I had asked for one at the front desk, but that appeared to go without notice, she eventually said that she would and that was the last I saw of her. ‘Fitness for Detention’ and I had not even seen a solicitor???

Most of all it would have been nice if I had been allowed to have a wash, as your Officers came to do the deed, just after I had risen for the day. Being a recluse and not having visitors to my home I tend to wear house clothes that could do with a good clean in a washing machine. Well I guess they had to suffer the consequences of that and me the embarrassment. But then they had to cuff me because I was allegedly supposed to be some kind of deranged psycho.

Not withstanding all this I endeavoured to be as polite as possible to your Officers although I did not completely understand all that was going on, lost in shock and unusual surroundings and procedures. But I have left your officers with the dilemma of accusing you while being interviewed of aiding and abetting the Welsh Assembly government in its criminal negligence with regards to my health n welfare, along with the Police Authority along with Cardiff County Council and its Housing Officers and council members.

But then lets look on the bright side; I had a ride out in the countryside, something that has not happened for me in a long, long time. Passing places that hold memory links for me. Sad to see so few sheep and cattle in the fields, sad to see hay harvested but never used, sad to see so many fallow fields, with trees creeping with Ivy that is going to eventually strangle and kill them. It seems that we will lose all the skills of the husbandry of the land, in this computer TV dominated world.

Me, I dreamt of fields full of all sorts of varieties of plants, from patches of lavender and rosemary with honeybees in abundance, and their endeavours enjoyed by many. I dreamt of orchards of apple plum and pear trees, I dreamt of fields with abundant supplies of courgettes that have thrived in the plot that is now the ownership of 15a, but once flourished under my custodianship. I dreamt of seeing corn and barley in these fallow fields, not for mass production but for local use, with windmills that crush the grain. I dreamt of people enjoying the nurture of the land, not as a job, but as a way of life.

I see all this wasted potential because the EEC pay the farmers not to grow anything anymore, or can one man achieve all of this, no? I see all the local people doing it because they are no longer sold on soap opera lives. Call them micro communities if you like.

I also noted that there was not that much traffic on the roads, with diesel at £1.19 a litre I can well understand why. The roads will only be available to the wealthy soon, in the mean time the government make a killing out of the revenue from tax. I am sure if we had a Direct Democracy running this country the people would have voted to have that tax cut while oil is in the 100$ a barrel range.

Had someone acted on my repeated request to be re-housed, away from these abusive neighbours and me sensitively housed, i.e. taking into account my special needs. Then like the video denouncing Judge Hickinbottom, this alligation against me would never have arisen

After all government have had billions to bail out Northern Rock, surely they have the necessary finance to offer me a bungalow, where my day to day activity is not going to bother anyone or me be bothered by anyone else's day to day activity. As it is today, and as I have been since 1999.

I ought to video the dump that 15a garden has become since march the 1st, it was bad enough prior to that date since then its just like some fly tip for the convenience of number 17. You ought to be well aware of the history there chief constable.

So I have had no reply to the email sent to Prime Minster Gordon Brown to the blog that preceded this one. I wonder if I did act with extreme prejudice what the legal eagles would make of that conundrum. That Gordon Brown sanctioned the act by not responding to my emails???

All the Best People in this instance it is the Chief Constable being Arrested Under Caution for aiding n abetting criminal negligence and victimisation by various governmental bodies. Maybe like the nuisance neighbours she get her kicks from the continued abuse of my right to peaceful enjoyment, and that of other vulnerable adults living in other sub-standard housing, in Wales and the rest of the UK.

Love N Light from Crazydave

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